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E-Liquid for 50p - See Clearance
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Liberty Flights began in 2009 as a small family-run business in Darwen, England. Today Liberty Flights has grown into one of the most trusted and well-respected e-cigarette brands in the UK, with an ever expanding international presence. We are proud to be producing all of our XO range of e-liquids in the UK using only pharmaceutical grade nicotine and bases.

About Libert Flights

Liberty Flights began in 2009 in the north of England, fourteen years later Liberty Flights has grown into one of the most trusted and well-respected e-cigarette brands in the UK and continuing to grow internationally. Our commitment to giving our customers both quality products and an excellent shopping experience throughout our customer service in-store and online has lead us to being a leading and well trusted brand in the e-liquid market. Our team are passionate about providing high quality products and knowledge to our customers to help them quit smoking and start vaping, wherever they are in their vaping journey. Through our wholesale and retail partners as well as our online store Liberty Flights is accessible throughout the UK to make moving to vaping simple and easy.

Research And Development

We take the development and quality of our products very seriously have a dedicated research and development team who work with leading experts in e-liquid and vaping products to ensure we fully understand every aspect of our products from the raw materials to their performance and emissions.

We have worked with the Government and Trading Standards to ensure our products are compliant with the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations (TRPR) and we continue to work with them within their regulatory framework.

Liberty Flights servicing business to consumer and business to business segments

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What Is XO E-Liquid?

Our XO e-liquids are made up of 4 main ingredients; propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavouring and nicotine. When used in an electronic cigarette, the e-liquid turns into a vapour that is inhaled, providing that nicotine hit. E-liquid is not burnt, so the vapour does not contain many of the products of combustion found in traditional cigarettes such as tar. Our Liberty Flights XO range of e-liquid is produced by Liberty Flights using only UK sourced pharmaceutical grade glycol(s) and nicotine.

XO E-Liquid Production

The Liberty Flights XO range of E-liquid is produced in the UK in our dedicated sterile room facilities using pharmaceutical grade nicotine, propylene glycol and glycerin; all of these ingredients are sourced in the UK from fully certified suppliers. The XO range has a variety of nicotine strengths (0, 0.3, 0.6, 1.2, 1.8% w/v) that enable the customer to control their own nicotine intake. Our products also go through a number of quality checks before they are released for sale.

The Wonderful World Of Flavour

At Liberty Flights we are passionate about developing new and wonderful flavours that many vapers will find delicious and enjoyable. From day one our aim has been to develop premium e-liquids, so our flavour development team have many years of experience and being vapers themselves, they know a good flavour when they taste one. By keeping our development and production in-house we have full control over what our e-liquids contain and how they are made.

What Makes A Great E-Liquid Flavour?

As you are well aware taste can be very subjective and will vary from person to person. Therefore we have created an extensive range that caters for all palettes so whether you are a die-hard tobacco fan, sweet tooth or simply a fruit lover, there will be an e-liquid that suits your taste buds.