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15% Off E-Liquid - Use Code LFJUICE
15% Off E-Liquid - Use Code LFJUICE
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Smoking Cessation Professionals

Supporting Public Health Networks

Liberty Flights have always recognised the potential that vaping has to disarm the evident danger combustible tobacco smoking presents to public health. Increasingly, Public Health Bodies have recognised the value of Liberty Flights' products and services as a valid component to the cessation ecosystem.

Expert Advice

Informed Choices

Our expert guidane, training and staff will help educate and inform you and your client towards starting your vaping journey and making the step towards going smoke free, whilst also providing the support to stay smoke free.

Continuous Availability

We provide pre and post support to you, your teams and service users. Our NCSCT trained staff are here all the way with you. Once someone makes the switch we are here to support and prevent relapse.

Adapting to your Budget

Making the switch to vaping is beneficial from a cost and health perspective. We can facilitate cessation programmes by offering wholesale pricing and passing on price benefits to suit patients’ budgetary requirements.

The Training Material we provide

Leaflets & Posters

Our bespoke leaflets and posters can be designed to suit your ward, client and team. With all the information needed to educate and inform your client on quitting smoking and begin their vaping journey. Our leaflets are a great starting point for anyone in their journey to stop smoking and start vaping. 

Informative Videos

We can also provide instructional and informtive videos of our products to help your team and clients understand each of our products clearly. They also go through step-by-step guides on how to use the products, answering any technical or begginer questions you or your client may have providing the best support we can.

Tailored Approach

We understand that each cessation service has unique requirments, from wholesale and bulk ordering, a per head budget as well as credit provision and fast delivery. At Liberty Flights we have been able to demonstrate our flexibility and agility in ensuring smooth transition from smoking to vaping for many clients.

Products to Suit All Needs

Perfect Pod Vape Kit

  • 2ml Rechargeable Vape Kit
  • Recyclable Pods
  • 13 Popular flavours
  • UK Made E-Liquid

Open Tank & Liquid Devices

  • 2ml Open Tank Vape Kits
  • Replaceable Coils
  • 0% Nicotine Options
  • Over 50 UK Made Flavours

Client Feedback


Dorset Health, Care University

“Right from our very first conversation, Liberty Flights have done so much to help in so many ways and always with a friendly, collaborative approach. I’ve been highly impressed by Liberty Flights’ ethos: to help smokers escape the harms of combustible tobacco but always with an eye on minimising damage to the environment.”


Live Well Dorset, Project Support Officer

“I have nothing but praise and good things to say for both Erica and Sarah at Liberty Flights. Livewell and Liberty Flights have an excellent working partnership. The whole system runs smoothly and efficiently with orders being processed for clients straight away and their customer service being of the highest standard. The whole team are extremely friendly and professional.”


Service User

“I tried liberty flights DOT PRO products as part of an NHS stop smoking trial. I found the DOT PRO Pods and kit easy to use and set up . My trial came with 20mg pods but I found these too strong for me so I purchased several 10mg pods via the website.The flavours are high quality and excellent value for money especially in comparison to tobacco prices. The DOT PRO Vape Kit is so simple to use and light weight which I have found helpful with disabilities.I highly recommend the brand and the customer service and delivery times are excellent, with delivery next day.”


Service User

“Best vaping experience I have tried. I have 6 different vape kits and got this one through a trial at Norfolk Hospital. It’s really good, no spitting liquid burning your lips and tasting awful, no fiddly tanks to fit. Click and go. Good amount of vapour. I use plain tobacco flavour and it’s the closest to a cigarette I’ve tried.”

Who We Work With

Direct to Hospitals

  • Secure & Specialist Wards
  • Staff & Teams

Direct to Smoking Health Providers

  • Cessation Teams
  • Local Authorities
  • Trusts
  • Organisations
  • Pharmacies

Direct to Service User

  • Direct to Clients via website

Working closely with Convenience

Liberty Flights have built key partnerships with the best UK retail convenience stores for over seven years. Our Dot Pro Kits, Pods, MOJA Disposables and XO E-Liquids can be found in thousands of stores, on most UK high streets. Our national coverage ensures easy access and availability for patients, clients and staff members who continue their Vaping journeys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions?

Please Feel Free to get in touch: 01254 874 928