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The bungled science has been revealed – Now they need to review the tobacco products directive

The bungled science has been revealed – Now they need to review the tobacco products directive

The news that new scientific evidence proves e-cigarette liquid is no more dangerous than washing up liquid is a game changer. Scientists have revealed that basic maths errors by EU officials mean e-cigarette liquid has been wrongly categorised as a highly dangerous substance. Instead of being categorised alongside deadly chemicals like strychnine and formaldehyde, e-liquid belongs to be in a much lower hazard category alongside washing-up liquid.

If they can get that simple mathematical equation wrong, then what else has potentially been bungled or overstated? Firstly, they need to retrace every step that has seen hugely restrictive legislation and the threat of further sanctions come down on this industry like a sandstorm.

The Tobacco Products Directive, and the decision to use it to beat the entire e-cigarettes industry into submission, needs to be reviewed as a matter of urgency.

Liberty Flights will from today be making strong representations to every authority and regulatory body we can reach to ensure that rallying call is heard loud and clear around Europe.

The news today from toxicology consultancy bibra shows that the concentration of nicotine in e-liquid which is below 25mg/ml or 2.5% is so harmless that it doesn’t even require a hazard warning on its bottle.

We recognise that the e-cigarette industry is new and is still being defined, but the scaremongering by some elements of the media and political lobbying against this potentially life saving alternative to a product that is proven to kill, and takes the lives of millions of people every year, threatens the very future of this incredible new innovation.

It is further proof that the ruling of the TPD to outlaw e-liquid above the strength of 2% needs significant review as it has been drawn up without credible scientific foundation. This ruling has the biggest impact on heavy smokers as they need strength above 2% in order to substitute the nicotine they get from cigarettes.

Why has the European Parliament decided to ban e liquid above 2% strength from 2016? What scientific evidence supports this new ruling? It could appear to some that the Government simply wants to ban e-cigarettes, but the growing body of scientific evidence is showing that this policy is wrong and could come at a cost of hundreds of thousands of lives of British citizens.

This is also important news for consumers who are looking to make an informed decision about switching to e cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco. Whilst acknowledging that further longitudinal research is required, knowing that e-liquid is no more toxic than washing up liquid goes a long way to address the fears they may have had about what e liquid contains.

Liberty Flights has always welcomed the continued push for further scientific research into e cigarettes and as a board member of ECITA we are working to continuously raise quality standards in the industry.

We hope that the British Government will recognise this public health opportunity and push back against this European ruling that threatens the future of this wonderful new product.

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