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99p E-Liquid Sale - Includes Bestsellers!
99p E-Liquid Sale - Includes Bestsellers!
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‘NEW’ DOT PRO Vape Kit

‘NEW’ DOT PRO Vape Kit

The Future of Vaping has arrived – NEW ‘DOT PRO’ Vape Kit

Firstly, what are pod systems?

Pod systems are vaping devices that use a prefilled cartridge called a pod, that holds the e-liquid. These are very popular with new vapers, mainly because they are cheap and simple to use as you simply pop in the pod and inhale to activate. Pod devices are unbeatable when it comes to convenience. The DOT PRO Vape Kit is a market leading pods system for vapers.

New DOT PRO Vs. DOT Vape – What are the key differences?

DOT PRO Vape Kit replaces the hugely successful DOT. They may look very similar but there are big differences between the two generations. Let’s take a closer look.

Taste Beyond – More flavours from more brands

The goal of DOT PRO is to create a much more vaper friendly approach to the category. A number of industry-leading brands, including Liberty Flights and Vampire Vape, have come together. Meaning you will have even more choice of flavours from some of the biggest vaping brands.

The DOT PRO is currently available in 7 favourite XO flavours. Look out for our growing DOT PRO Pod collection.

Better Together – Uniting vapers with choice

We have kept the use of a ceramic coil in the DOT PRO Vape Kit, as this delivers better flavour, but we have introduced an industry-leading mesh honeycomb design that has a high absorption rate. That means it evenly heats e-liquid through its thousands of micropores. This new upgraded coil system creates a more consistent and smoother vape with a great flavour.

DOT PRO compatibility with the original DOT

The new DOT PRO Device is very similar in size and shape but there are some subtle differences. This does mean that the DOT PRO is NOT compatible with the existing DOT products, which will be phased out over time. This means existing DOT Pods will not work with the DOT PRO battery and vice versa. It does however, mean that the device is set up for various brands to come on board with DOT PRO, giving you a larger choice of well-known brands and flavours, as well as wider availability.

What has stayed the same between the DOT PRO and the original DOT?

  • The DOT PRO Vape Kit still uses magnets to click the pod in place so eradicates any threading issues and simplify changing pods
  • It still has a quick charge time of 45 minutes and uses the 350 mAh battery.
  • All the original DOT flavours will be available in the new DOT PRO pods.
  • Our DOT PRO flavours continue to use 20 mg/ml nicotine salts.
  • Delivering a much smoother throat hit compared to freebase nicotine. It’s also absorbed into the bloodstream faster. Meaning you can use a higher concentration of nicotine to satisfy your craving, without the harshness.
  • We continue to use the industry-leading 2 ml pod, offering the most competitive price per ml of liquid on the market.
  • Lightweight, stylish and discreet device
  • Exceptionally low maintenance device

The DOT PRO is easy to use, compact yet powerful. Simply click the pod in place and you are ready to go! This makes DOT PRO an ideal starter kit for new customers trying to switch from smoking who want a simple to use device.

Purchase the NEW DOT PRO device here.

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