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Menthol Cigarette Ban 2020: The Facts & How to Satisfy your Cravings

Menthol Cigarette Ban 2020: The Facts & How to Satisfy your Cravings

Menthol Ban 2020: 20th May

Many smokers will be unaware of the upcoming ban on menthol cigarettes (including crush-ball cigarettes). With the date fast approaching we look at what the ban includes and how we can help you to still satisfy your cravings.

What is the menthol cigarette ban?

From the 20th May 2020, Menthol, crush-ball cigarettes and other flavoured tobacco will be banned from sale in the UK and EU. This means it will be illegal for shops to stock or sell those products due to the TRPR regulations that came into force on 20th May 2016. There is no additional sell-through period; that is, all these products will need to be removed from sale by the 20th May 2020.

The UK’s exit from the European Union will not impact the ban, which will still go ahead.

Retailers have been aware of the change for some time, but the consumer is still in the dark with those we asked being unaware of the Menthol cigarette ban.

What will still be available?

The ban does NOT apply to vaping products, these remain unaffected and will still be available to purchase. Menthol flavoured e-liquid, as well as other flavours, will still be permitted.

I’m a menthol cigarette smoker, what are my options after the ban?
Some people may use the ban as an opportunity to quit smoking altogether.

Vaping and the use of electronic cigarettes with nicotine-containing e-liquid has shown to be an effective way to quit smoking traditional cigarettes. 18% of smokers quit successfully with vaping compared to 10% with other nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) including patches, gum and medication.

Choosing vaping as a way to quit smoking is supported by the Royal College of Physicians and Public Health England and can be used alongside NRT.

Liberty Flights recently launched the DOT PRO Vape Kit which is the perfect tool to help you switch to vaping and for those who smoked menthol cigarettes, there is a variety of menthol flavours to choose from in the DOT PRO range as well as many more in our XO E-liquid range.

DOT PRO – The compact, stylish and easy to use pod device

The DOT PRO is a compact, stylish and easy to use vape device; simply place the prefilled pod into the battery and inhale like you would a cigarette. Once the pod is empty, simply pop in another pod of your flavour choice. It couldn’t be any easier!

The DOT PRO Pods contain nicotine salt, which is an advanced variation from nicotine traditionally found in e-liquids, this creates a smoother vape. DOT PRO Pods come in 20mg/ml strength which is perfect for those switching to vaping as it helps curb the cravings. Higher-strength, smoother nic salt e-liquid allows nicotine to be absorbed into the bloodstream in a way that is closer to the effects of a cigarette, but in a less damaging way.

The Menthol DOT PRO kit is Available for £12.99 and is perfect for those wanting to start their vaping journey.

Vaping Facts

  • There are 3.2 million vapers in the UK and 7.2 million smokers, almost 30% of whom have tried to quit in the past year. (ONS 2019).
  • Vaping is around 95% less harmful to health than smoking (Public Health England Evidence review 2019).
  • Nicotine vape products are highly regulated in the UK by MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency), giving customers confidence in their safety and quality.

Why not start your journey today with the help of Liberty Flights.

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