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All you need to know about Liberty Flights ‘New XO Packaging’

All you need to know about Liberty Flights ‘New XO Packaging’

Liberty Flights celebrated 10 years of business during 2019 and decided it was time to unveil a brand-new look for the premium-liquid brand XO in 2020. The updated new XO box design has some subtle changes as well as some big differences, let’s take a look at what’s new.

Nicotine Strength Indicator

You will be used to seeing XO nicotine strengths displayed as 0%, 0.3%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8% w/v for the XO range. The nicotine strength of an e-liquid may be displayed as either mg/ml (or just mg) or as a percentage which is how we previously displayed this on the packaging. Mg/ml shows the amount (milligrams) of nicotine per millilitre of liquid, and a percentage figure shows the amount of nicotine as a percentage per total volume. The two are an order of magnitude different, so 10 mg/ml is 1% w/v.

On the new XO packaging, we decided to change the way we display the strength to mg/ml and accompany the strength in a colour co-ordinated circle, to make it clearer to see at a glance what strength you are purchasing.

Here is the old versus new strength indicators that are equivalent to each other:

 Liberty flights light strength indicator comparison

So, rest assured, if you are used to buying a 1.8% v/w of nicotine, the new symbol 18mg/ml is the exact same strength.

Liberty Flights logo comparison

New Names

We have changed the name of 3 flavours, but we think that they are still easily recognisable. Tobacco is now known as British Tobacco (with an updated background pattern), RRYY44 is now RY4 and French Vanilla is now Vanilla. They are the same great flavours you know and love!

Liberty Flights packaging comparison

Overall Look

The rest of the packaging has mainly stayed the same with just a few tweaks of the layout. You may notice a couple of the background patterns have changed for a couple of flavours such as British Tobacco getting a more textured background and Forest Fruits moving to imagery that fits in with the other berry flavours scheme.

The new XO packaging has a high gloss finish giving a nice high end finish.

We hope you like the new updated packaging incorporating our new Liberty Flights logo.

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