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E-Liquid for 50p - See Clearance
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The Vision eGo Kit

The Vision eGo Kit

A common question among the new (future) customers we receive is ‘what kit is best for me’? There are a few ways to approach this question as some kits will suit certain people better than others. That being said, the most popular answer we give out is the Vision eGo kit that we sell here – Vision eGo. The benefits of this kit include:

  • Ease of use – the heating element part of the device that also holds the liquid is transparent (also called a clearomizer on this model), a quick look through the side and you can tell how much liquid is in the device and if it needs to be refilled. To refill it is straightforward, simply unscrew the top cap/mouthpiece and pour liquid in to the element around the sides. Attach the mouthpiece and away you go.
  • Low maintenance – The Vision eGo is not prone to leaks out of either the top of the device or the bottom end that attaches to the battery. Excess leaking out of the bottom end can lead to a build up on the battery connector which can lead to a poor connection or even worse, a battery that breaks down and can be no longer used.
  • Great vapour and throat hit – Compared to earlier atomizers and cartomizers, the vision can produce clouds of vapour and throat hit for even the heaviest smoker.
  • Large e-liquid capacity – the Vision eGo Clearomizer holds over 1.5ml of e-liquid.
  • Suitable for light to heavy smokers – From 1 a day to 60 a day, the Vision eGo Kit has all angles covered.

With all the above attributes, it’s easy to see why the Vision eGo is our go-to kit for new vapers; it simply works.

The Vision eGO kit is available in Tobacco and Menthol, the colours black, steel and white and a choice of either 650mAh battery size or 900mAh pass-through battery size that can also be used plugged in to a computer (the battery will never run out of power when plugged in to a computer, this is called pass-through mode).

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