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Liberty Flights Modern Temperance Movement

Liberty Flights Modern Temperance Movement

Last week, vapers in Rawtenstall, Lancashire were treated to a special event for the launch of Liberty Flights new range of XO e-liquids, which are inspired by the 19th Century temperance movement.

The temperance movement began in Preston in 1835 in response to widespread alcoholism during the industrial revolution.

The drinks in the temperance bars were really punchy and flavoursome and flavours such as Dandelion & Burdock and Sarsaparilla are examples of two temperance bar drinks that became timeless classics. The Liberty Flights flavour development team has taken the essence of the temperance movement and applied it to vaping.

The new e-liquid flavours are have been developed following extensive research by Liberty Flights’ team at Fitzpatrick’s in Rawtenstall – the last remaining temperance bar in the UK. The video below captures our first tasting session there earlier this year:

Matthew Moden, Director at Liberty Flights, said:

After months of hard work researching and developing the e-liquids, we are immensely proud of our Temperance Range. We hope we have captured the iconic and exciting flavours that characterised the movement, and, moreover, that we can get people to pledge to give up smoking this Stoptober.

Back in the day, families signed ‘pledges’ to officially commit themselves to the cause and vapers will be able to do the same. To continue that theme, we have launched our own version of the temperance pledge and created our own online version.


To encourage pledges, we have launched a special competition to win a year’s supply of e-liquid for anyone who takes our online pledge in the month of October. Everyone who pledges is also entitled to claim a free e-liquid (terms & conditions apply).

The Temperance Range 10ml e-liquids are available separately for £4.85 or can be purchased together in a beautiful presentation box for the great price of £15.

The new liquids are available at Liberty Flights stores across the UK, and from the Liberty Flights website

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