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Is vaping bad for you? Discover what the experts say.

Is vaping bad for you? Discover what the experts say.

Making the big switch.

The health risks from smoking cigarettes have been known about for decades. This has resulted in many people giving them up and turning to vaping instead. In 2018, over 3.2 million adults were estimated to use them. But what do we know about the health risks associated with e-cigarettes and is vaping bad for you?

Sorting the fact from the fiction.

Over the last 10 years or more, vaping has grown in popularity considerably. As it has done so, there have been lots of discussions and reports into how it affects users’ health. Some of which have no real substance. Fortunately, there have also been comprehensive studies carried out by well-known associations and bodies that provide a more scientific and definitive answer.

What’s the real story?

Public Health England’s assessment is that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking: “Vaping poses only a small fraction of the risks of smoking and switching completely from smoking to vaping conveys substantial benefits over continued smoking.”

The Royal College of Physicians findings are consistent with above: “The hazard to health arising from long-term vapour inhalation from the e-cigarettes available today is unlikely to exceed 5% of the harm from smoking tobacco.”

The British Medical Association concluded: “There is a growing consensus that the use of e-cigarettes is significantly less harmful than smoking.”

Why is vaping safer than smoking?

The common ingredient in both vapes and cigarettes is nicotine. Although addictive, it’s not been found to increase the risk of serious health problems. What causes harm to cigarette smokers compared to those who vape, are the by-products of tobacco combustion. The two most harmful toxins produced by cigarette smoke are tar and carbon monoxide.

Are there any health risks from vaping?

As with anything, there are risks. But the risks with vaping are massively reduced compared to smoking. There have been some concerns around flavourings, but there’s no strong evidence to show a significant risk to users.

Do people still think vaping is bad for you?

Despite the evidence saying that vaping is clearly safer for you – 25% of adults in Great Britain last year wrongly believed that it was more harmful or as harmful as smoking tobacco.

Here’s the deal.

Nobody can deny there’s been a huge growth in the popularity of vape devices since their commercial breakthrough in 2003. What also can’t be denied is the findings of some of the world’s most respected medical institutions, including The British Medical Association, The Royal College of Physicians, and Public Health England. All of which concur: e-cigarettes are considerably less harmful than cigarettes.

Make the switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

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