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Is it illegal to vape in a car? Find out before you drive.

Is it illegal to vape in a car? Find out before you drive.

You are not alone if you’re uncertain.

‘Is it illegal to vape in a car?’ is a common question asked by vapers, and drivers alike. Even more so, by vapers who drive. That’s due to the huge amount of speculation and rumours surrounding the legalities of vaping in a car. This article will give you, and the many people like you, the clarification you’re looking for.

Is it fake news?

In April 2019, several news reports suggested if you vape while driving, you ‘could’ be prosecuted. The result of which can be a fine of up to £2,500 and points on your licence. This isn’t the first time such news reports have been published in recent years, which only adds to the confusion.

What’s the real story?

The truth is: it is not illegal to vape in a car. However, you could be charged with an offence of being distracted while driving. Yet this offence also applies to anybody who is distracted due to smoking, eating or drinking for example. Providing you are in total control of your vehicle – you can use a vaping device while driving.

Tips for driving safely while vaping.

Open the window – this will help clear the vapour so it doesn’t linger and impair your vision.

Reduce nicotine intake – using e-liquids with high nicotine levels and taking too many puffs may lead to dizziness.

Adjust your e-liquid – a high VG e-liquid creates thicker vapour clouds, so using a high-level PG e-liquid would be better when driving.

The end of our vaping in a car journey.

In summary, it is not illegal to vape in a car. But you must be in total control of your vehicle at all times. As always, wherever you vape, do it responsibly and safely. Hopefully this has helped clear things up for you, and the many others like you, confused by the subject.

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