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Atomizer Centre Pin Correction

Atomizer Centre Pin Correction

The following steps will often bring an atomizer back to life or ‘fix’ D.O.A atomizers; most issues are caused by the centre pin of the atomizer not touching the centre pin of the battery. What this means is that no power will flow from the battery to the atomizer. If you have access to a multimeter then it is possible to test if an atomizer will no longer work due to a broken circuit or too higher a resistance.

Step 1 - eGo Atomizer

Locate the bottom of the atomizer, the part that screws in to the battery.

Step 2 - eGo Atomizer

With a needle or something thin, insert in to the middle hole and work the centre piece of metal up slightly. The centre piece of metal will move to one side and raise on the opposite end to that of where the pressure is applied.

Step 3 - eGo Atomizer

Rotate the atomizer and repeat on the other sides of the atomizer. Whilst force on the centre pin where it is raised will push it back in slightly, the net height gain is enough to bring the centre pin of the atomizer in to contact with the centre pin of the battery.

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