Liberty Flights Timeline

Liberty Flights have always recognised the potential that vaping has to disarm the evident danger combustible tobacco smoking presents to public health. Increasingly, Public Health Bodies have recognised the value of Liberty Flights' products and services as a valid component to the cessation ecosystem.

Expert Advice

Informed Choices

Informed Choices

Our expert guidance, training and staff will help guide you and your clients towards a smoke free goal.

Continuous Availability

Continuous Availability

We provide pre and post support to you, your teams and service users. Our NCSCT trained staff are here all the way with you. Once someone makes the switch we are here to support and prevent relapse.

Adapting to your Budget

Adapting to your Budget

Making the switch to vaping is beneficial from a cost and health perspective. We can facilitate cessation programmes by offering wholesale pricing and passing on price benefits to suit patients’ budgetary requirements.

A Selection of the Training Material we provide

Leaflets & Posters

Leaflets & Posters

Our bespoke leaflets and posters are informative and can be adapted to suit your Ward, Client and Team requirements.

Informative Videos

Informative Videos

We can also provide instructional videos of our products to help your team and clients understand the products clearly. They also go through how to use the products and answer any technical questions you may have.

Tailored Approach

Tailored Approach

We understand that each cessation service has unique requirements, including wholesale and bulk ordering, a per head budget, credit provision and reconciliation and fast next day delivery to individuals via our e-commerce platform. Liberty Flights has worked closely with many service providers and have been able to demonstrate our flexibility and agility in ensuring smooth transition from smoking to vaping for many clients.

Products to Suit All Needs

Perfect Pod Vape Kit

Perfect Pod Vape Kit

  • 2ml Rechargeable Vape Kit
  • Recyclable Pods
  • 13 Popular flavours
  • UK Made E-Liquid
Disposable Device

Disposable Device

  • 2ml Disposable Kit
  • No Filling or Charging
  • 500 Puffs
  • 7 Popular Flavours
  • UK Made E-Liquid
Open Tank & Liquid Devices

Open Tank & Liquid Devices

  • 2ml Open Tank Vape Kits
  • Replaceable Coils
  • Over 50 UK Made Flavours
  • 0% Nicotine Options

Client Feedback

Who We Work With

Direct to Hospitals

  • Secure & Specialist Wards
  • Staff & Teams

Direct to Smoking Health Providers

  • Cessation Teams
  • Local Authorities
  • Trusts
  • Organisations
  • Pharmacies

Direct to Service User

  • Direct to Clients via website

Working closely with Convenience

Liberty Flights have build key partnerships with the best UK retail convenience fascias for over seven years. Our Dot Pro Kits, Pods, Dot Go Disposable and XO E-Liquids can be found in thousands of stores, on most UK high streets. Our national coverage ensures easy access and availability for patients, clients and staff members who continue their Vaping journeys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Liberty Flights have any tobacco company affiliation?

We are an independent vape company established in 2009 and one of the founding members of the IBVTA - Independent British Vape Trade Association

Are your products recyclable?

We are actively reducing packaging and have developed a recycling scheme for the DOT PRO Pods.

How easy are your kits to use?

Our starter kits are very simple and easy to use. We have a choice of pre-filled pods, disposable vape kits and open tank kits. Training and support can be provided, we are here to help.

Do you offer a disposable vape starter kit?

Yes, this is our DOT Go stater kit. We appreciate for certain wards on teams this is the only option available for clients.

Do you deliver directly to clients or in batches to wards?

Yes, both - We deliver next day. Which ever you prefer, we can accommodate.

What after care and support do you provide?

Our team here at Liberty Flights are fully NCSCT Trained and can provide you information on any issues you are unsure of. Feel free to speak to Erica on 01254 874 928. We can also supply you with printed support material on our products. Email Erica at [email protected] and we will send you any information you need help with.

Still have questions?

Please Feel Free to get in touch: 01254 874 928