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DOT PRO Refill Pods - Menthol By Dot Vape Ltd

Buy any combination of DOT PRO pods from 3 for £18, 6 to 14 packs for £5.50 each, 15 items and above for £5.33 each.
PRO Menthol - 20mg - 2 Pack£6.49
PRO Menthol - 10mg - 2 Pack£6.49


DOT PRO Refill Pod Menthol offers a cool, intense and refreshing menthol flavour; this is the same Menthol flavour found in our Menthol XO Nic Salt e-liquid from the Liberty Flights XO range.

DOT PRO Pods contain nicotine salt that creates a smoother vape than conventional e-liquids and is available in 20mg/ml strength in eleven different flavours. The DOT PRO uses an industry-leading mesh honeycomb ceramic core with a high absorption rate, evenly heating e-liquid through its thousands of honeycomb micropores to achieve this smoother experience. This new upgraded coil system creates a consistent and smooth vape with pure, intense flavour from start to finish.

The DOT PRO prefilled pods are only compatible with the DOT PRO Vape Kit and are NOT compatible with the original DOT Device. As the pods are not refillable, you should replace them when the e-liquid is no longer visible or produce no vapour. All pods are marked with the flavour, strength, batch number and expiry date.

Like Menthol? Try our Crush range of DOT Pro Pods.

If you like menthol, then our DOT PRO Crush range is for you - menthol with a fruit twist. Available in 3 flavours :

Red Crush - a blend of cherries, red berries and grapes wrapped in a cooling menthol.

Blue Crush - a mix of blueberries, raspberries and refreshing menthol.

Purple Crush - a blend of blackcurrant and liquorice, wrapped in a cooling menthol.

For more information, please visit our DOT PRO VAPE information page.


Bex C.




Sarah B.


Arrived quickly, this is my favourite flavour of dot pro vape pod!


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Jami W.


Really good menthol flavour


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Carolyn H.


Love this product! Menthol is my favourite


Tony H.


Very good


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Really impressed and really quick delivery


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Still great

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