NS20 Fizzy Kush E Liquid Pod

NS20 Fizzy Kush E Liquid Pod By NS20 E-liquid Pods By Element

VG - 65% PG - 35% Base
2.0% - 3 x 2ml £9.99 £4.994

NS20 E Liquid Pod range are 2ml pods for use with Aspire's Gusto Mini Kit. The pods feature nicotine salt e-liquid in a 2.0% nicotine strength using popular flavours from different brands. Nicotine salts deliver nicotine more efficiently but with a smoother throat hit, meaning vaping a high strength with nicotine salts will not be as harsh than using traditional nicotine.

NS20 Fizzy Kush e-liquid pods by Sub Ohm Juice, delivers a sweet fruity mix of gummy bears and fizzy, tangy cola.

This pack features 3 x 2ml pods in a 2.0% nicotine strength.

65% VG

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