Vaping Batteries

Aspire CF Sub ohm Battery

The Aspire CF Sub-Ohm battery was the stand out winner when selecting the kit for our Liberty Flights Cloudchaser kit.

Kanger EMUS Battery

The Emus battery is our battery of choice in the Liberty Flights Style Slim kit.

Kanger Variable Voltage Batteries

The Kanger variable voltage battery is a stylish, flush button, high capacity battery that allows for the voltage to be changed on the fly by rotating the dial at the base of the battery. This allows for the voltage to be changed from 3.3v up to 4.8v.

eGo Batteries

Great value batteries for your 510/ego threaded clearomizers. From the standard 650mAh size up to the 900mAh XL size that should last you well over a day between charges.

Mod Batteries

Alternative power sources bigger battery devices like the ProVari; from 10440's to 18650's and sizes inbetween.