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Premium E-liquids


Special Offers

Clearance XO E-liquids

Great prices on these items, once they are gone they will not be restocked.

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Clearance Hardware

Great prices on these items, once they are gone they will not be restocked.

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Clearance Guest E-liquids

Great prices on these items, once they are gone they will not be restocked.

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New Products

Introducing our latest additions, check here regularly as we continue to grow our already extensive product range.

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Special Offers

Find the latest deals on popular items here.

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Vaping Kits


Ready to make the first plunge into the world of vaping? 

This is an excellent kit to start with, for people wishing to give up the habit of traditional smoking and make the switch. Important features include easy use, a longer rechargeable battery life compared with first generation cig-a-likes and of course, huge money saving potential. 

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Are you a lover of all things flavour? 

So are we! The kit we have sourced for our Taste category is the perfect way to immerse yourself in our wonderful world of XO flavours. It provides a more rich and elegant flavour without compromising on vapour production. If you are passionate about discovering flavour, this device will give you the satisfaction you crave.

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Style Slim

Not sold on the look and feel of your current device? 

Everybody has a style. There’s no reason why this style can’t translate to your e-cigarette. We have considered many factors when choosing this stylish kit for you; both sleek design and in size. The overall look of a device can be just as important as its features - we know this device is a perfect marriage of the two.

Buy 'Style Slim - Vaping Kits'


Style VV

Not sold on the look and feel of your current device? Why can’t you have the best of both worlds?

If you are looking for a stylish device that doesn’t compromise on functionality, then this is the kit for you. We love the look of this device and it hits a home run on flavour and vapour too. No wonder it’s such a popular choice.

Buy 'Style VV - Vaping Kits'


Are you looking for more control over your vape? 

The next step on many vaping journeys is to customize. Variable voltage and airflow control are customizations that you can change on-the-go to define your perfect vape. If you are a tinkerer and love to play, with this device, the possibilities are endless.

Buy 'Dynamic - Vaping Kits'


Are you ready to chase clouds?

At this end of the vaping spectrum things get a little more complex. Rebuilding coils, varying wicking materials, battery safety and ohm’s law are just a few of the facts the average cloudchaser needs to know. We have eliminated this complexity for you and this kit is ready to cloud chase straight off the shelf. Be creative and generate huge flavoursome plumes of vapour with this device.

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XO E-liquid

XO - Tobacco E-liquid

A selection of premium tobacco flavoured E-liquid.

Buy 'XO - Tobacco E-liquid - XO E-liquid'

XO - Menthol/Mint E-liquid

A range of mints, menthols and blends, always a popular choice. If you are a menthol connoisseur then we highly recommend you work through our offerings of menthol. 

Buy 'XO - Menthol/Mint E-liquid - XO E-liquid'

XO - Fruit E-liquid

Capturing the refreshing taste of real fruit, an alternative to the XO tobacco's for when you want something different.

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XO - Sweet & Other E-liquid

No calories, and besides, who's counting? Go on, be a devil.

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XO - Absinthe Collection

Absinthe is a fascinating drink steeped in history and mythology. Inspired to explore this fanciful world, we have created absinthe based e-liquid flavours with a difference.

Buy 'XO - Absinthe Collection - XO E-liquid'

XO - Temperance Range

The Temperance range of XO E-liquids from Liberty Flights.

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XO - 100ml E-liquid

Same great flavour - even better value.

Some new batches of 100ml XO e-liquids will arrive in 10 x 10ml bottles.

Buy 'XO - 100ml E-liquid - XO E-liquid'


Guest E-liquids

Artist Collection - NJOY

NJOY's Artist Collection are an exclusive line of liquids crafted by five of the leading artists in the vape industry in partnership with NJOY, to deliver five extraordinary taste experiences.

Buy 'Artist Collection - NJOY - Guest E-liquids '

Twelve Monkeys Vapor

All the way from Toronto, Canada; Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co. have landed at Liberty Flights. They endeavour to achieve the balance between quality ingredients and artisanal production processes, having curated high quality flavouring ingredients and base materials into the development of their e-liquids.

Buy 'Twelve Monkeys Vapor - Guest E-liquids '

Space Jam

Premium, gourmet e-liquid made in the USA, Space Jam specialise in e-liquids that are complex and exciting to the palate.

Buy 'Space Jam - Guest E-liquids '



Digby's e-liquids are handmade in small batches by hand-crafting only the best tinctures. Digby's bring a unique and refreshing range of top quality juices. All of their products are made in the depths of Dorset UK, with a whole heap of good ‘ol fashioned love.

Buy 'Digbys - Guest E-liquids '

Freedom Smoke USA

Made in the USA, FSUSA E-liquids are produced using USDA certified ingredients.

Buy 'Freedom Smoke USA - Guest E-liquids '

ePipeMods - Pipe Sauce

Our Pipe Sauce has been a year in the making! Each flavour has it's own complex tobacco base and is 95%+ VG. Even if you are not a tobacco fan we recommend giving our blends a try.

Buy 'ePipeMods - Pipe Sauce - Guest E-liquids '


ROAR Vapor

Roar Vapor is a US based company that is well known for their extremely vibrant fruit flavours that have been designed to work fantastically well with a hint of menthol.

Buy 'ROAR Vapor - Guest E-liquids '

Alien Visions E-Juice

Our focus at Alien Visions E-Juice is the E-liquid needs of the e-cigarette community.

We offer a wide range of E-liquids and e-cigarette hardware to the vaping community.

Buy 'Alien Visions E-Juice - Guest E-liquids '

Jalippo's Secret

Jalippo's Secret liquids are creations of a Finnish vaper, who always aims for perfection and a natural balanced taste. Recipes are carefully developed and fine tuned in Finland, with valuable feedback of many experienced vapers. Made from best premium concentrates, without any added alcohol or color.

Buy 'Jalippo's Secret - Guest E-liquids '


DIY E-liquid

Unflavoured E-liquids

Unflavoured E-liquid for use as a base for mixing your own flavours or augmenting weaker juices. From 27mg to 54mg.

Buy 'Unflavoured E-liquids - DIY E-liquid'

VG & PG Base

The basE-liquids used in our E-liquid range. Contains no nicotine or flavourings.

Buy 'VG & PG Base - DIY E-liquid'

Bottles, Pipettes & Syringes

Buy 'Bottles, Pipettes & Syringes - DIY E-liquid'


Flavourart E-liquids Flavourings

E-liquid flavourings from Flavourart.it. Over 100 flavours in 10ml plastic bottles with droppers.

Buy 'Flavourart E-liquids Flavourings - DIY E-liquid'

Perfumers Apprentice Flavourings

E-liquid flavourings from 'The Perfumers Apprentice'. Over 70 flavours in 10ml plastic bottles with droppers.

Buy 'Perfumers Apprentice Flavourings - DIY E-liquid'

Decadent Vapours Flavourings

Flavourings from Decadent Vapour.

Buy 'Decadent Vapours Flavourings - DIY E-liquid'


Capella Flavourings

Capella Flavor Drops are a water soluble, highly concentrated multi-purpose flavoring.

Buy 'Capella Flavourings - DIY E-liquid'

DIY E-liquid Calculator

Buy 'DIY E-liquid Calculator - DIY E-liquid'



eGo Batteries

Great value batteries for your eGo/tornado. From the standard 650mAh size up to the 900mAh XL size that should last you well over a day between charges.

Buy 'eGo Batteries - Batteries'

Kanger Variable Voltage Batteries

The Kanger variable voltage battery is a stylish, flush button, high capacity battery that allows for the voltage to be changed on the fly by rotating the dial at the base of the battery. This allows for the voltage to be changed from 3.3v up to 4.8v.

Buy 'Kanger Variable Voltage Batteries - Batteries'

eGo Q & K Batteries

Decorative eGo batteries available in two main styles and several variations. K batteries are lazer etched whilst the Q batteries are embossed with many different colours available.

Buy 'eGo Q & K Batteries - Batteries'


Mod Batteries

Alternative power sources bigger battery devices like the ProVari; from 10440's to 18650's and sizes inbetween.

Buy 'Mod Batteries - Batteries'


Clearomizers & Cartos

Aspire CE5 BVC Clearomizer

The all New Aspire CE5 BVC Clearomizer produces fantastic flavour and vapour also offering reduced running costs as the atomizer head is replaceable.

Buy 'Aspire CE5 BVC Clearomizer - Clearomizers & Cartos'

Aspire K1 Glassomizer

The Aspire K1 is a new generation of glassomizer, which uses the Aspire “BVC” (Bottom Vertical Coil) technology. This new technology is designed to last longer while still giving users the purest and cleanest flavour from e-liquids. 

Buy 'Aspire K1 Glassomizer - Clearomizers & Cartos'

Aspire Nautilus Mini (BVC) Tank Clearomizer

The Nautilus Mini is the next generation of tank systems. Aspire have taken all the great features from the full sized version and packed them into this smaller, stylish clearomizer. The Nautilus Mini uses the Aspire “BVC” (Bottom Vertical Coil) atomizer technology. 

Buy 'Aspire Nautilus Mini (BVC) Tank Clearomizer - Clearomizers & Cartos'


Aspire Triton

Introducing the Aspire Triton Tank, the newest tank system from Aspire features a redesigned airflow control and innovative top filling mechanism. 

Buy 'Aspire Triton - Clearomizers & Cartos'

UD Zephyrus Sub Ohm Tank

UD has officially entered the Sub-Ohm tank market in introducing their newest device, the Zephyrus tank. Featuring pre-built Sub-Ohm coils as standard and an included re-buildable deck. 

Buy 'UD Zephyrus Sub Ohm Tank - Clearomizers & Cartos'

CE4 eGo Clearomizer

High quality CE4's for use on 510 fitting devices.

Buy 'CE4 eGo Clearomizer - Clearomizers & Cartos'


CE5 Replaceable eGo Clearomizer

Replaceable head version of the CE4, replace only the heating element rather than the full unit.

Buy 'CE5 Replaceable eGo Clearomizer - Clearomizers & Cartos'

Kanger EVOD

Replaceable, bottom coil clearomizer with metal body and clear viewing window for monitoring juice levels.

Buy 'Kanger EVOD - Clearomizers & Cartos'

Kanger EVOD 2

Offering all the great benefits of the previous EVOD but now with dual coil heads producing more flavour and more vapour!

Buy 'Kanger EVOD 2 - Clearomizers & Cartos'

Kanger T3S Cartomizers

The Kanger T3S is the latest upgrade to the popular Kanger T3 Clearomisers, consisting of 3 parts - the base, the atomiser head and the tube.

Buy 'Kanger T3S Cartomizers - Clearomizers & Cartos'

Kanger T3D Cartomizers

The Kanger T3D is a bottom coil Clearomizer tank system that uses dual coils and has a removeable drip tip.

Buy 'Kanger T3D Cartomizers - Clearomizers & Cartos'

Kanger Aerotank Mega

The Kanger Aerotanks offers the same great features and performance as the Kanger Protank series, but with the introduction of airflow control, stainless steel material and dual coil heads.

Buy 'Kanger Aerotank Mega - Clearomizers & Cartos'

Kanger Aerotank Mini

The Kanger Aerotanks Mini offers the same great features and performance as the Kanger Protank series, but with the introduction of airflow control, stainless steel material and dual coil heads!

Buy 'Kanger Aerotank Mini - Clearomizers & Cartos'

Kanger Aerotank Turbo

The largest tank in the Kanger Aerotank series has arrived! Introducing the Kanger Aerotank Turbo! The enormous tank holds 6.0 mL of E-liquid and also has two dual coils (quad coils) to give you even more flavoursome vapour.

Buy 'Kanger Aerotank Turbo - Clearomizers & Cartos'

Kanger Subtank Plus

Kangers latest addition to the Subtank family is set to further revolutionise the clearomizer market. Offering a Sub Ohm prebuilt coil as standard as well as a 1.2ohm coil for use with none Sub Ohm devices. 

Buy 'Kanger Subtank Plus - Clearomizers & Cartos'

Kanger Subtank Mini

Following the success of the original Subtank, Kanger have listened to public opinion and revised the size. Introducing the Subtank Mini. 

Buy 'Kanger Subtank Mini - Clearomizers & Cartos'

Kanger Subtank Nano

Following the success of the original Subtank, Kanger have listened to public opinion and created a much smaller “All-day” tank. Introducing the Subtank Nano. 

Buy 'Kanger Subtank Nano - Clearomizers & Cartos'

Kanger Mini Protank 3

Buy 'Kanger Mini Protank 3 - Clearomizers & Cartos'

Kanger Protank 3

The Protank 3 offers all the great features of the Protank 2 to but with the addition of dual coils.

Buy 'Kanger Protank 3 - Clearomizers & Cartos'

Kanger M3 Clearomizers

Made by Kanger, this small footprint range of clearomizers delivers fantastic vapour and flavour.

Buy 'Kanger M3 Clearomizers - Clearomizers & Cartos'

Vivi Nova

Using a large capacity tank over 3ml, the Vivi Nova has replaceable parts that allow for lower running costs over a disposable unit.

Buy 'Vivi Nova - Clearomizers & Cartos'



eGo 510 Fast Chargers

Charging units for the eGo  510 battery. Suitable also for the Riva 510 but not recommend for standard 510 batteries.

Buy 'eGo 510 Fast Chargers - Chargers'

Mod Chargers

Alternative chargers for bigger battery devices like the ProVari; from 10440's to 18650's and sizes inbetween.

Buy 'Mod Chargers - Chargers'

Generic Chargers

These products are suitable for all chargers as they have a universal fitting.

Buy 'Generic Chargers - Chargers'


Mods & Rebuildables

Kanger Subox Kit

Following Kangertech’s success with the revolutionary Subtank clearomizer range and KBOX box mod, is the all new Kanger Subox Mini kit. This kit features a new Kbox mini box mod and a coloured, aqueous ceramic coated Subtank Mini.

Buy 'Kanger Subox Kit - Mods & Rebuildables'

Sigelei 75w Temperature Control

Sigelei's latest innovation is a competitor in the ever growing tempoerature control segment. Boasting 75w's of power and temperatre control Ni200 mode and standard VW kanthal coil mode, this mod is a must have for any vaper.

Buy 'Sigelei 75w Temperature Control - Mods & Rebuildables'

Heating Coils, Wicks & Mesh

Buy 'Heating Coils, Wicks & Mesh - Mods & Rebuildables'


Rebuildable Atomizers & Drippers

Current models include the IGO-W6, IGO-W7 and AGA-T7, allowing for rebuildable coils, low running costs and fantastic flavour and vapour production.

Buy 'Rebuildable Atomizers & Drippers - Mods & Rebuildables'

Sigelei 100w plus Box Mod

The Sigelei 100w plus Box Mod is a dual 18650 device capable of reaching an astonishing 100w of power, sporting the new YiHi SX330 V3 100w chip. Power settings range from 10w–100w with a voltage range of 3.0v-8.5v.

Buy 'Sigelei 100w plus Box Mod - Mods & Rebuildables'

Signature Tips

Signature tips have over 26 years of machining experience in manufacturing precision components, we have taken this experience and channelled it into producing high quality Drip Tips.

Buy 'Signature Tips - Mods & Rebuildables'


Crave Mods

The Owl by Crave Mods is a seamlessly good looking, stylish yet simple mod which brings some unique features to the table.

Buy 'Crave Mods - Mods & Rebuildables'

Diablo Mods

Diablo Mods specialize in designing Genesis Hybrids that are aimed for the new vapers who wants to move away from cartomizers or clearomizers to rebuildable set ups. All products are made with the best materials available.

Buy 'Diablo Mods - Mods & Rebuildables'


If you're looking for a Genesis atomiser that is crafted to perfection then your search is over. The Finnish company Garage of Creation may be new to the market but they have certainly made a huge impact by creating this masterpiece of an atomizer.

Buy 'H-Atty - Mods & Rebuildables'

Silver Fox

Liberty Flights are proud to welcome the Silver Fox hybrid to their range of high end mods.

The Silver Fox hybrids are designed and manufactured by the well-known and renowned mod maker Van from Croatia.

Buy 'Silver Fox - Mods & Rebuildables'



Drip Tips

Drip tips designed for easy access, direct dripping on to the atomizer.

Buy 'Drip Tips - Accessories'

E-cig Cases & Lanyards

Buy 'E-cig Cases & Lanyards - Accessories'

E-cig Multi Adapters

Convert battery sources to another thread type so that different atomizers can be used. Examples are a 901 device converted to take 510 atomizers.

Buy 'E-cig Multi Adapters - Accessories'


Kit Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts for the Liberty Flights Vaping Kits Range

Buy 'Kit Replacement Parts - Accessories'

Replacements and Atomizer Heads

Replacement Parts and Atomizer Heads for all Clearomizers and Vaping Kits sold on our Website. 

Buy 'Replacements and Atomizer Heads - Accessories'

Vape Bands

Liberty Flights branded silicone vape bands.

Buy 'Vape Bands - Accessories'