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Sigelei 100w plus Box Mod

Sigelei 100w plus Box Mod

The Sigelei 100w plus Box Mod is a dual 18650 device capable of reaching an astonishing 100w of power, sporting the new YiHi SX330 V3 100w chip. Power settings range from 10w–100w with a voltage range of 3.0v-8.5v. This device can power atomizers with a resistance as low 0.1 ohm and up to 2.0 ohm. This device is ideal for sub-ohm vaping and cloud chasing with the added benefit of regulated output you can enjoy blowing clouds for longer before needing to change batteries.


  • Uses the Yihi SX330 V3 100 Watt chip
  • Optimal voltage range 3.0v-8.5
  • 10W-100W Variable Wattage
  • ~0.1Ω-2.0Ω
  • Dual 18650 battery (batteries not included)
  • OLED Screen
  • Adjustable 510 connection
  • Spring loaded 510 pin
  • Silicone sleeve included


  • Output Power: 10 Watts - 100 Watts
  • Output Voltage: 1.5 Volts - 6.0 Volts
  • Output Current: 30.0 A
  • Minimum Atomizer Resistance: 0.15 Ohms
  • Input Voltage: 6.2 Volts - 8.5 Volts
  • Input Current: 1.3 A - 20.0 A
  • Screen On Current: 25 mA
  • Quiescent Current: 1 mA
  • Power Down Current: 350 uA
  • Efficiency: 95%
  • Screen size: 0.96" OLED
  • Fire Method Regular Button
  • Adjust Power Method: Up and Down Button
  • Software upgrade: No
  • Dimensions: 103 x 59 x 23mm

This is an advanced mod for advanced users only. Please be aware that this mod requires knowledge of battery safety and technical know-how to work properly. We advise using Purple Efest 18650 batteries in this device in order to use the full power range safely.

These product are exempt from discount code usage, sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Option Reviews Price Stock Quantity
Black 4  (9/10) £69.99 N/A

Sigelei ZMAX

Offering both variable voltage and variable power, the Sigelei ZMAX offers functionality at an affordable price. Now includes an 18650 extender cap in the price.

These are the newer Version 2 Zmax with the Oled screen and ego adapter fitting.

Features include :

  • Variable Power - Adjustable from 3W to 15W (0.5W increments/decrements)
  • Variable Voltage - Adjustable from 3.0V to 6.0V (0.1V increments/decrements)
  • Intelligent auto PCB when in VW mode to automatically calculate the correct output based on atomiser resistance
  • Bright, scrolling LCD display
  • 510/eGo Connector/Threading
  • Mirror finish, solid Stainless Steel Body
  • Single 18650 Battery or Stacked 18350 Batteries required for operation (18350 require a different end cap)
  • 5 AMP Current Limit and Protection
  • Check AD resistance
  • Check remaining battery voltage
  • Low Battery Indication and Protection
  • Check output voltage to AD
  • Check battery output voltage
  • Reverse Battery Polarity Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Selectable RMS or Mean/Average Regulatory Mode

The ZMAX will work with any 510 fitting atomizer or clearomizer but the Kanger T3 and the EVOD may be a tight fit due to the knurling on these clearomizers, a 510 to ego adapter may be needed if you want to use a Kanger T3 on this device.

Please note : The price includes device only, you will require batteries and a charger (not included) to use this device (as well as the atomizers and liquid). We suggest getting a TrustFire charger, AW P18650 3.7V - 22 (2200 MAH) - SINGLE battery / AW 18650 2000mAh battery and atomizer/cartomizer to use with this device (510 fitting). 

To access the menu system simply press the activation button quickly 3 times, you will then be able to cycle through the following menu settings by pressing the button:

1. On/Off - Turns the ZMAX On or Off
2. Power/Voltage Up - Increases the power or the voltage
3. Power/Voltage Down - Decreases the power or the voltage
4. Battery Voltage - Displays the remaining battery voltage
5. Display - Displays the setting, set in the Displays Sub-Menu
• Voltage – Display the output voltage to the AD (Atomizing Device)
• Battery – Displays the remaining battery voltage
• Resistance – Display the resistance of the connected AD

6. LCD On/Off - Toggles between switching the display on or off
7. Power Voltage - Toggles between VW or VV modes
• Power: Constant Power operation
• Voltage: Constant Voltage operation

8. RMS & Mean - Toggles between RMS and Mean (Average) Modes
• RMS: Root-Mean-Squared (Recommended), a more precise output
• Mean: or Average, output is somewhat higher and less precise

The following messages may appear on your New ZMAX screen:

Low Load - The AD resistance is too low.
Short - There is a Short Circuit across the AD Terminals (the atomizer probably has a short circuit).
Low Battery - The Battery voltage is too low, replace or charge battery (below 3.2V for 1 battery; below 6.4V when using ‘stacked’ batteries).

Please note, certain wide 18650 will not fit in this device, we have tested an EFEST 18650 2200mAh and have been unable to get it to fit the device. An AW 18650 2000mAh fits and works fine.

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OHM Meter

A must have if you are using rebuildable atomizers. By using an ohm meter you can ensure you stay within the safe parameters of the battery you are using.

Option Reviews Price Stock Quantity
OHM Meter 7  (8/10) £11.99

Efest Batteries (Purple Label)

Purple Efest batteries offer a higher amp limit than the standard red ones. Perfect for those wanting to use sub-ohm resistances in their rebuildables as these are capable of handling more power and minimise the risk of battery failure when sub-ohm vaping, providing you do not exceed the stated amp limit.  All of our batteries in this range are of the flat top type.

Please see safety advice at the top of the page.

Option Reviews Price Stock Quantity
IMR 18650 35a (2500mah) 40  (8/10) £7.99 N/A