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Biansi Imist

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Biansi Imist

New product, full description to follow. 510 fitting, 2.2 ohm.

Full Atomizer - This includes the bottom heating coil, wick, top cone and spike, cartridge. This is ready to vape but will require juice and a battery.
Base & Coil - This is the bottom heating coil and screws in to both the battery and the atomizer cone.
Spike & Cone - This house the wick and the cartridge.
Cartridge - Designed for the Imist, not compatible with other tanks like the eGo T.
Wick - Replaceable/cleanable wick, fits in the Spike & Cone and supplies liquid to the bottom coil.

Images (click view)
Steel Biansi Imist - Spike & Cone - Single
Biansi Imist - Cartridge (Black) - Single
Biansi Imist - Cartridge (Clear) - Single
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