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Flavourart E Liquid Flavouring - Diy E Liquid

UK stock and supply of e-liquid flavourings from 'Flavourart'. These concentrates can be used to make your own e-lqiuid, just add unflavoured nicotine. From tobaccos to fruits, Liberty Flights offer an unparalleled selection of flavours for the D.I.Y e-liquid mixer at a affordable cost. These flavours are very strong, 10ml will go a long way as only a few drops are required per ml of finished e-liquid produce.

Our unflavoured e-liquid, that can be used for a base for the flavourings, is available in our shop Unflavoured E-liquids For DIY.

Please note: It is known that some e-liquid ingredients can cause cracking, frosting or even melting of polycarbonate, plastic or acrylic tanks and tubes. This list is not exhaustive but flavourings such as absinthe, cinnamon, spearmint, citrus and cola liquids can cause this damage and are better off using these in an atomizer/cartomizer that is glass, pyrex or metal.

Bitter Wizard

Bitter Wizard is designed to reduce or eliminate the sweet base flavour that is give by PG & VG. Adding Bitter Wizard at 1%, vapers can get a pleasant, bitter aftertaste that can be enhanced further by increasing the % added.

Bitter Wizard works well with dark and tobacco flavours.

Suggested dosage 1% +

Option Reviews Price Stock Buy
Bitter Wizard - 10ml 316  (8/10) £3.59

Magic Mask

Reduce the acid perception without modifying the pH. pH is one of the key factors involved in food stability. In order to reduce the pH, a small amount of organic acid must be added to the food preparation (i.e. citric, malic, tartaric acid). In most cases the addition of food acid is beneficial both for microbiological stability and taste (just think to an lemon or cola drink, they must be acid to be good). However, some other foods might require food acid for microbiological safety BUT the acid taste does not complement well (a light cheese, a sauce as example). In these cases, the use of Magic Mask can be of help. Magic Mask does not buffer the pH, nor alter it. Magic Mask acts at the tongue receptors level, temporarily reducing the acid perception, thus improving the overall mouth feel. Its action last 5-8 seconds and involve only the acid receptors.

Option Reviews Price Stock Buy
AAA Magic Mask - 10ml 83  (8/10) £3.59

MTS Vape Wizard

MTS vape wizard contributes toward softening any acidic/sour perception, it assists in making vapour thicker, and it delivers both body and depth to any E-liquid.

It can be used on its own, blended with tobacco flavours, or with any other flavour of your choice. There are no limitations as to its versatility.

Suggested dosage 0.5 to 2%.

Option Reviews Price Stock Buy
MTS Vape Wizard - 10ml 679  (8/10) £3.59

Tobacco Flavourings

Also know as 'Vape Heaven', these flavourings offer authentic tobacco tastes. These flavours are strong and a little goes a long way.

Suggested dosage under 2%. 

Option Reviews Price Stock Buy
RY4 - 10ml 468  (8/10) £3.49
Desert Ship - 10ml 360  (8/10) £3.59
Virginia - 10ml 521  (8/10) £3.59

Mint/Menthol Flavourings

Mints & menthols.

Suggested dosage from 5% upwards.

Option Reviews Price Stock Buy
Menthol (Arctic) - 10ml 520  (8/10) £3.29
Mint (Peppermint) - 10ml 325  (8/10) £3.29
Mint (Spearmint) - 10ml 286  (8/10) £3.29

General Flavours

Everything else really, from almond to wine. Over 70 different flavours.

Suggested dosage 2 to 5%.

Option Reviews Price Stock Buy
Anise - 10ml 245  (8/10) £3.29
Apple - 10ml 259  (8/10) £3.29
Apple pie - 10ml 167  (8/10) £3.29
Banana - 10ml 259  (8/10) £3.29
Blackcurrant - 10ml 262  (8/10) £3.29
Caramel - 10ml 480  (8/10) £3.29
Cherry (black) - 10ml 215  (8/10) £3.29
Cherry - 10ml 316  (8/10) £3.29
Chocolate - 10ml 335  (8/10) £3.29
Cinnamon - 10ml 238  (8/10) £3.29
Cola - 10ml 274  (8/10) £3.29
Cookie - 10ml 244  (8/10) £3.29
Custard - 10ml 160  (8/10) £3.29
Forest Fruit - 10ml 210  (8/10) £3.29
Lemon (Sicily) - 10ml 247  (8/10) £3.29
Licorice - 10ml 248  (8/10) £3.29
Mandarin - 10ml 137  (8/10) £3.29
Peach - 10ml 162  (8/10) £3.29
Raspberry - 10ml 266  (8/10) £3.29
Strawberry - 10ml 425  (8/10) £3.29
Tutti Frutti - 10ml 227  (8/10) £3.29
Vanilla Classic - 10ml 210  (8/10) £3.29
Vanilla Tahity - 10ml 135  (8/10) £3.29 N/A
Watermelon - 10ml 234  (8/10) £3.29

Floral Flavours

Special flavors for special applications. An original way to deliver unexpected taste.

Suggested dosage 2 to 5%.

Option Reviews Price Stock Buy