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Blue Crush XO E-liquid

Boge Cartomizers

Boge are one of the best names in cartomizers and here at Liberty Flights we express our faith in the great build quality and reliability of these special atomising units. What cartomizers do is store up to 1 ml of pre mixed E liquid and they are the secret to the E cigarettes ability to administer nicotine to the body. They do this by vaporising the E liquid, turning it into a fine mist that replicates the sensation of inhaling tobacco smoke. Delivering the right messages to receptors at the back of the throat, the effect is instant and the nicotine relief is experience just as it would be smoking a regular cigarette.

Boge Cartomizers work exceptionally well and are available in selections that produce different results. There is the 510 2.0 Ohm (or low resistance version) that is designed to produce a taste that is closer to the tobacco flavours you may be used to; operating at a higher temperature to create a vapour that is hotter than our other cartomizers and atomisers. For those that prefer a sweeter, softer or more mellow smoking experience, there are the 510 2.7 Ohm cartomizers that enable the delivery of more balance flavours and offer a more mellow experience. Whatever your preferred choice, discover the product range from Boge here today.

Filling Instructions - Similar to other cartomizers on the market, pop off the white end cap and inside will be the filler material, you can either drip direct on to the filler or use a needle & syringe and fill down the side of the filler. Once filled, we recommend letting the juice work its way through the cartomizer, we find the longer you can leave it then the better, overnight is sometimes good. Those who vape constantly might need to top up every hour or so with a drop or too to avoid any burnt taste, a sign that the wick is dry (either through too little liquid in the wick or the wick not being able to keep up with you). Fill a couple of these up with your favourite liquid and you are good to go for the day.

Boge 510 Cartomizer

Refillable cartomizers - atomizer and cartridge combined - from Boge. Available in several resistances. Suitable for 510 threaded devices, for example :

Joye eGo
Janty eGo
Riva 510

Please note: The XXL cartomizer is sized measured at 50mm including the thread, 1.3ml capacity.

Please note: Warranty on these cartomizers are DOA only.

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Boge 808D-1 (JK302D) Cartomizer

Refillable cartomizers - atomizer and cartridge combined - from Boge. Suitable for 808D-1 style threaded devices (901 thread with airholes). If you want to use these on a DSE 901 battery then you will need a 901 to 808D-1 adapter, available in our shop.

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Boge 801 (JK314) Cartomizer

Refillable cartomizers - atomizer and cartridge combined - from Boge. Suitable for 801 (pen) style threaded devices.

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