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Where are you on your Vaping journey?

Many factors can lead a person to consider vaping electronic cigarettes; health implications, financial benefits, family and peer pressure to give up smoking, or just curiosity about the alternatives to smoking.

Liberty Flights understands that each person is different; has differing wants and needs that will take them on their own unique vaping journey. Using this insight, we have carefully selected the best device combinations to meet your needs in these 6 vaping kits. Trust in Liberty Flights, where quality and safety are of paramount importance.  We ensure all our hardware comes with CE and RoSH certification and test reports, plus we are a member of the CE association here in the UK.

You can depend on us to provide quality guidance and support in your decision-making.


Ready to make the first plunge into the world of vaping? 

This is an excellent kit to start with, for people wishing to give up the habit of traditional smoking and make the switch. Important features include easy use, a longer rechargeable battery life compared with first generation cig-a-likes and of course, huge money saving potential. 


Are you a lover of all things flavour? 

So are we! The kit we have sourced for our Taste category is the perfect way to immerse yourself in our wonderful world of XO flavours. It provides a more rich and elegant flavour without compromising on vapour production. If you are passionate about discovering flavour, this device will give you the satisfaction you crave.

Style Slim

Not sold on the look and feel of your current device? 

Everybody has a style. There’s no reason why this style can’t translate to your e-cigarette. We have considered many factors when choosing this stylish kit for you; both sleek design and in size. The overall look of a device can be just as important as its features - we know this device is a perfect marriage of the two.

Style VV

Not sold on the look and feel of your current device? Why can’t you have the best of both worlds?

If you are looking for a stylish device that doesn’t compromise on functionality, then this is the kit for you. We love the look of this device and it hits a home run on flavour and vapour too. No wonder it’s such a popular choice.


Are you looking for more control over your vape? 

The next step on many vaping journeys is to customize. Variable voltage and airflow control are customizations that you can change on-the-go to define your perfect vape. If you are a tinkerer and love to play, with this device, the possibilities are endless.

Cloud Chaser Box

Are you ready to chase clouds?

At this end of the vaping spectrum things get a little more complex. Rebuilding coils, varying wicking materials, battery safety and ohm’s law are just a few of the facts the average cloudchaser needs to know. We have eliminated this complexity for you and this kit is ready to cloud chase straight off the shelf. Be creative and generate huge flavoursome plumes of vapour with this device.